Rationally designed toilet plunger

Why another toilet plunger design?

1) A majority of web sites recommend using suction instead of pressure to eliminate a clog.  But almost all new products on the market are aimed at using pressure.  This is stupid.

2) Flanged plungers have a failure mode where the flange inverts, capturing sewage that can't be drained out.

3) The suction-cup bellows design here has no failure modes

4) This design, when used in suction, can apply at least 60% more force to a clog than any other manual design tested.

What's special?

It uses the principle of a suction cup to seal itself to any toilet, old or new and apply maximum force to the clog.

Is it available?

I am currently working on finding a manufacturer and developing a marketing plan.

Is it patented?

It is patent-pending.

The Rational Toilet Plunger Video (11 min)

Why it's the best toilet plunger available to unclog toilet


A thorough exposition of the case for an improved plunger, including documentation of how the comparisons were made.