About the CPAP Hose Hangar

What is CPAP?

CPAP means "Continuous Positive Airway Pressurization".  It's a "breathing machine" for people with sleep apnea - people who stop breathing temporarily while they are asleep.  

What are the problems with CPAP hoses?

CPAP machines have heated water chambers to humidify the air they are providing to the sleeper.  But warm, humid air traveling though a hose at room temperature causes condensation to collect in the hose.  While that can be a problem during use at night (puddling), it can also be a longer-term problem.  If the inside of the hose stays moist 24 hours a day, it will grow mold.  This hangar is intended to help reduce the probability of mold growth.

How does it work?

The hangar hooks over the top of a door, so when hoses are hung up on the hangar, they are in a straight vertical line, like a chimney.  Water vapor is lighter than air, so as water evaporates from the inside of the hose, it can easily exit the hose at the top.  Hoses that are coiled won't dry out as efficiently as hoses that are hung vertically.

What's the product status?

It won't be patented.  At the moment, no retail channel has been found.  Also, I have not found a low-cost manufacturer for the sheet-metal version.   If you really think you need a CPAP hose dryer, I can make one for you out of bent wire.  Send me an email using the form on the home page.