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Why a clear mike stand?

Before television, mike stands used to be chrome-plated.  When TV came along, the early cameras required huge banks of bright lights, and the cameras were not able to handle bright reflections.  So mike stands suddenly all became black.

But in the 2000's, TV cameras are excellent and black is no longer necessary.  I consider the black stand to be ugly.

How is it made?

The stand is made from clear polycarbonate plastic (Lexan).  This type of plastic is not brittle; it is strong, but if pushed too far it will bend but not break.

Are there limitations?

Yes, even though the diameter of the polycarbonate tubing is greater than the steel tubing used in regular stands, it is still nowhere near as stiff as a steel stand.  The stand as shown is suitable for supporting a mike on top of the stand, but it can't support a long boom.

What's the patent status?

Since there's no new design feature (only a change of material) the stand is not patentable.

Is it available?

No commercial vendor has picked up on this idea.  I can make them by hand in extremely limited quantities.  It takes a lot of work to polish the upper rod from its original matte state to a shiny, clear finish.  And the materials are extremely expensive.  I need to charge $1000 apiece (versus commercial steel stands that cost about $25) - so I don't expect many takers.